Saturday, January 15, 2011

Primavera Ruffles

Yep, another sewing post.  I found this fabric at Field's last week.
Michael Miller Primavera Blossom
It reminds me of the crab apple tree that was in my Grandma's backyard.  It was pretty big as far as crab apples go and the grandkids always climbed in it. 
I only bought a yard, but I might go back to get some more because it was only $6 a yard.  I'm pretty sure that I'm going to want to make something else out of it.

After the McCall's sizing debacle, I decided to do some online pattern shopping. Romeo&Mae sells patterns on Etsy, but also sells them as instant downloads on Meylah.  The Jada ruffle pants were on sale, so I decided to go for it.  (Espcially since I had some paypal money burning a hole in my pocket!)

The instructions were very easy to follow.  The only problem I had was that I cut the pattern out a little wrong.  The pattern is in color, but I printed it in black and white.  This made it kind of difficult to see which size pattern I was cutting out.  The cut I made wasn't that different, so I decide to just sew them up anyway.  I do like this pattern.  I expect to get a lot of use out of it.

How many pairs of ruffle pants do you think I have to sew before I make a pair without sewing the ruffle on backwards first?  Yep.  I sewed the ruffle backwards again.  I was able to seam rip it apart though and the end product is no worse for the wear.


Jess said...

Those are FABULOUS!
And this isn't really related... well, except that it pertains to cloth diapers, which involve fabric? Okay, so I'm stretching a bit.
BUT I remember you telling me that there was a store that sells cloth dipes somewhere in GR. What was it called, again? I definitely want to check it out!

Toby and Laura said...

Um, those are freaking adorable! I might have to have you make some for Mabel someday :)

Amber Lynn said...

I could probably do that -- but really, they're super-easy. You could do it! Plus, the pattern doesn't start until 18-24m. By then she'll let you sew. ;)