Wednesday, December 8, 2010


  • My mom's first surgery went well yesterday.  It was 4 hours long and she spent the night in the ICU.  I talked to her this afternoon and she must be on a lot of good pain meds because she sounded pretty good.
  • Tillie's cold is getting better, but she's still pretty cranky.  Actually, she's more cranky now.  Maybe she misses her Motrin.
  • We have a Christmas tree in our living room!  This year's tree is a Norway Spruce.  Tim doesn't like it because it's an invasive species.  I like it because it's pretty.
  •  Kizie is staying with us this week.  I don't think she's sick of sleeping on the couch yet.  I miss using the computer after 9:30.

1 comment:

Jess said...

It's gorgeous! And call me a nerd but I {totally} thought: INVASIVE SPECIES the moment I saw the picture. haha! Oh well. If it's going to invade anywhere... might as well be your living room :)
I hope your mom {and tillie} continue to get better.