Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Favorite Ornaments

I was going to have this be a longer post with all of my favorite ornaments, but the camera battery died.  I guess I took too many pictures of Tillie at the Gardens today.

Maria gave me this acorn ornament this year.  We actually have quite a few acorns (I know, you're all shocked), but this one is gorgeous and reflects all the lights.  It's my favorite one of the acorns.

Tillie First Christmas - 2009

My first Christmas - 1981

My mom and Kizie made these ornaments with sand and shells from Grandma's Cottage.

Tillie's ornament for this year is the Little People School House.  She doesn't have the school, but she loves her house and parking garage.
2005 was the last Christmas of Marshall Field's.  I always keep the Field's clock near the top so it won't break.
 Philip and I both have one of these crocheted carolers.  I always made sure they were hung next to each other on my parent's tree.  I think she must be lonely now.

Maybe if I have time tomorrow I'll post a few more.  I didn't even include the topper this time!

What are your favorite ornaments?

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Sarah said...

I love Tillie's first Christmas ornament. It's so cute! :)