Monday, November 1, 2010


Tillie LOVES sunglasses.  She wears hers often and always tries to steal mine.  Yesterday when we were at Target I made a great find.  Green dot items in the dollar section were 75% off.  They had a pretty good selection of crappy reading glasses there.  I grabbed two pairs hoping I could pop the lenses out.

I could. 
25¢ each for two great additions to the dress up box?  Awesome.

Tillie has been wearing them around all morning.

She even wore them yesterday with her penguin costume.


Jess said...

pretty darn cute.

Hope said...

Every good dress up box needs some glasses. Nice deal.

Christie C. said...

Must check this out when I go to Target next.

Tillie makes a very cute penguin with glasses. I'd also like to add how impressed I am that she'll keep them on! Glasses fall into the "it would be easier to get a wetsuit on an alligator than put on Harper" category along with hats, bows, etc. :-D