Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Cards

I love photo Christmas cards.  I hang them up on my fridge and admire them all year.  (Well, until they are replaced with baby announcements as is the case with many of my friends.)  So it's no surprise that I love planning photos for Christmas cards. 

The first year Tim and I were married we sent out this picture on a photo card.  We had spent at least 30 minutes trying to get the "perfect picture".  None of them really turned out.  This shot left us laughing and I know it amused a lot of people.

Our second year married I was pregnant.  We sent out a card with these two pictures.  I really did lament the lack of wine that holiday season.  But, I was perfectly happy to let Tim do all the heavy lifting.

Last year we sent out a picture of Tillie using this layout from Shutterfly.  One of her hands is a little blurry, but I got nothing but compliments on this card.  This idea I had planned from the Christmas before she was born.  I even bought the ceramic lights on clearance back then!

I've been thinking about what I want to do this year, but I haven't come up with anything definite yet.  I have a few ideas, but some of them are weather contingent.  And, getting Tillie to go along with my set plans can be kind of hard.  What I do know is that Shutterfly will have a Christmas Card design to go with whatever shot I eventually capture.  (They also have a selection of New Years cards if the 25th is too much of a deadline for you. ;) )

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Jess said...

I was definitely expecting to see a bunch of traditional, big-cheesy-smile holiday photos :) This was hilarious, though. I'd continue the tradition and send out a card with a nice picture... but also an outtake shot! :D

Andy's said...

We used to love Shutterfly and the thought of 50 free cards is cool. But, we've been using Send Out Cards for a year now and are actually MAKING money by sending cards through them and helping others send cards through them (and making money themselves).

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I'm happy to give you and your readers a couple of free Send Out Cards to send out as an early holiday gift to you all.

Just go to to send out a card or two on me.

Happy Holidays!!!


Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

I've always loved your Christmas cards!

I still haven't decided what to do for our cards this year. I've bought our outfits, but I'm not sure about the execution. I'm the only member of my family who can hold a camera steady. I should get on that...