Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick or Treat!

My dad and I took Kizie and Tillie trick or treating at Davenport tonight.  Tillie totally figured it out.  She happily followed Kizie around the dorms.  She only reached out and took candy out of the bowls if there were smarties.  And, then she would take two.

Hermione and a penguin take a practice walk down our sidewalk.  Kizie is going to be a skeleton for regular trick or treating, but the mask scares Tillie.  She decided to be the more Tillie-Friendly Hermione tonight.  She pulled the costume together by herself.  (You can't see her cape.)

Tillie checks out her stash at home.
See, I told you she liked Smarties.  She was pulling all of those out of the bucket first.


Jess said...

Oh my gosh! Both of those costumes are REALLY cute... I actually like the Hermione costume a lot! You would think she'd been planning to be Hermione all along!
Did Tillie run into any other scary halloween costumes along the way? Hopefully nothing scared her too badly.
PS- I saw 'Davenport' and it brought back memories. I went to college in GR {and I'll be delivering in GR as well}. It's funny that you live in that area.

Amber Lynn said...

My dad teaches there. Where did you go to school? I went to Calvin.

We tried to take Tillie on a "Haunted House" floor, but she started gripping my arm so tight as we walked in. I told my dad we'd meet him at the end.

Jess said...

I went to Aquinas and LOVED it! Calvin and Aquinas were pretty big rivals, haha. I ran XC and the two teams would always have it out for each other since they were the two private christian schools in the area.
And hey, I don't blame her. I {still} won't go to haunted houses or anything like that.