Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Garden Time, Anyone?

Two weeks ago when Tim had an "Electricity Day" off from school, we went to the Meijer Gardens.  I mentioned that we got a year membership.  I don't think I told you how awesome of a deal it was.  For Tim and I to make that one visit it would be $24.  A membership for two adults is $65.  If we only went back at Christmas to see the trees and Spring Break to see the butterflies it would pay for itself.

Tillie is free all the way up until she turns 3 years old.  So, instead of getting the family membership or a Tim & Amber membership, we got an Amber Plus One.  That means I can take any adult in with me for free.  Their kids under 3?  Free.  This is made of so much win I can't stand it.

We'll be under the tree house, having a tea party.  Catch you there.

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