Monday, October 18, 2010

The daily routine of a 17th month old.

We've made the switch to one nap over here.  It took me a few weeks to figure out how to schedule my days, but I think I know how to go about my day now.

7:00-8:00ish Tillie wakes up.  If I wake up before her I try to get ready for the day then.  I get her dressed right when she wakes up.
8:00-8:45ish Breakfast.  Lately I've been feeding her jarred breakfast food because then she'll actually eat something that isn't a berry.
9:00-10:00ish Play at home.  I usually try to get some laundry done, or I check facebook.  I'll let you guess which one I do more of.
10:00-11:45ish Errands(Meijer, mall, etc.)  If it's a Gardens day we try to leave the house earlier than 10.  About once a week we stay home all day, but I like to get out.
11:30-12:00ish Lunch.  She eat berries or yogurt.  That's about all right now.
11:45-12:30ish I put Tillie to bed.  A lot of time she falls asleep on the way home from errands.  Her nap time really varies based on what time she got up in the morning and how cranky she is.
1:30-3:00ish Tillie gets up.  She usually gets a snack and some milk right after she wakes up.
3:00-5:00ish Play at home, go outside.  She loves walking her baby doll stroller up and down the sidewalk.
5:00 Dinner.  She eats berries or yogurt(whichever she didn't have a lunch).  Other things she will eat at dinner.  Mandarin oranges.  Sometimes mixed fruit.  Pickles. Sometimes broccoli.  She got excited by the grapes at the store today.  I hope she eats them.   Yeah.  Food does not include a large variety right now.  We started giving her a multi-vitamin.  That makes me feel better.
7:00p Bedtime!

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