Wednesday, September 8, 2010

That Kizie

Tonight my mom and Kizie are watching Tillie while Tim and I go to Amy's birthday party.  I called home today to see if they could bring a stamp over when they come.  Kizie answered the phone, but I could hear my mom in the background.

A: Kizie, can you ask mom if she can bring a stamp over when you come over tonight?
K(to mom): Mom, are we going to Amber's tonight?
M(to Kiz): Yes, what time do we need to be there.
A: Tell mom that we should leave by 6:30.
K: Good!  I'm going to take my scarf for you to cut it for me.
A: Can you ask mom to bring a stamp?
K(to mom): Can you bring a stamp when we go?
M(to Kiz)  What time do we need to be there?
K(to mom): 6
A: No, I don't need to leave until 6:30.
K: Yes, but if we get there at 6 you'll have time to cut my scarf.
A:  Let me talk to mom.

No one probably finds this as amusing as I do. 

Carry on.


Cara & Jeff said...

haha. i find it funny. I can just imagine it all happening....

Hope said...

that girl knows how to get what she wants. :)