Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Like Mommy

This morning, Tillie found one of her combs on the ground in the living room.  I didn't think anything of her carrying it around.

A few minutes later I looked over and saw her doing this.

When I comb her hair, I dip the comb in a cup of water.  It helps a lot when I'm making pigtails.  I never realized she paid attention.  She's usually staring at Ke$ha videos.


stefiny said...

That is SO precious!!

Elise said...

That's really funny. They are so perceptive. I caught Lilia putting the little rubber hair things in her mouth. I was perplexed for a little bit, but then realized that she was pulling them apart with her teeth...just like mommy! That girl must have eyes in the back of her head. How can she see that? Tillie is soo precious!

Cara & Jeff said...

That's adorable!

Jess said...

That's so cute. Apparently she's more observant than you thought!
Thanks for the feedback on my cloth dipes decisions. I've made a tentative plan that involves tri-folded prefolds (maybe snappied, maybe not) but I've practiced the trifolding and THAT is easy enough for me :) and then later graduating to one-size covers AND pockets, most likely.
I will definitely have to check out that store in Grand Rapids. Pretty soon, I'll be going down there every 2 weeks, and then I'll be there for Elliot's entire NICU stay. So I'm sure I can fit it in!