Friday, August 27, 2010


Tillie sleeps a lot.  Bedtime is around 7-7:15p.  She usually doesn't wake me up until 7:30a.  Usually I just go into her room in the morning and she's just there waiting for me.  I'm not sure when she wakes up, but I don't think it's much earlier than that.  She plays in her crib for a while.

She takes naps from 10a-12p and 2p-4p.  Sometimes I wonder if she's sleeping the whole time, but when I peek on her earlier I invariably wake her up.  When I come in her room at 12 and 4 she's generally awake and ready to go.

I was thinking today that maybe she didn't need to sleep that much.  Today around 10:05 I was checking my e-mail when all of a sudden Tillie popped up at my knee clutching both blankets and had her pacifier in.  I asked her if it was time for a nap and she reached up for me.

Our next kid is doomed to never sleep.  I've got it good.

Last night I peeked in on her before I went to bed.  One of her crazy little pigtails was sticking out of the slats.


Cara & Jeff said...

Apparently neither me nor Jeff slept when we were infants, so we are DOOMED! I think both our moms would be angry if we get a good sleeper. I'm hoping swaddling and a sound machine will help. If not, I guess it's payback!

Jess said...

I love those new pictures in your layout- she's getting so big! Your next child will probably leave you sleep deprived for weeks ;)
That pigtail poking out is PRECIOUS!

Christie C. said...

JEALOUS! Haha! Actually, H is a pretty decent sleeper too...most of the time :)

Love that picture of her pigtail sticking out. So cute.