Thursday, July 8, 2010


It should be no surprise to you all that I love getting packages in the mail.  I've posted about how I order things while I'm at camp just so I can get mail.  While that's partially true, a lot of it has to do with the timing.  June is a great month for online sales.  There are just so many and it's hard for me to pass up a good deal.

I've not been able to resist many this month, so when I got the e-mail about the Matilda Jane sale I promptly deleted it.

Of course, I've 'liked' their page on facebook so I was given reminders yesterday when there site crashed and they were trying to fix it.  Tillie was sleeping and it was too hot to go outside, so I looked around and found the cutest dress.  I promptly [tried] to add it to my cart in size 2.

They were having problems with their cart so I left to go do something, but I kept thinking about the dress.  I came back to look at it.  That's when I looked at the description.  It's the Lulu dress.

When Tim came back before dinner even he thought it was cute.  After dinner their online cart was fixed, but it is sold out in ever size except 18m.

I really don't need it.  Nor do I really have the money for it.  But, friends. a Matilda Jane dress named Lulu?  It's like it was meant to be.  That's what I get for picking a dress from their first line of Hammond Bay for her.  I should have waited.  But, then my mom wouldn't have been there to buy it...

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