Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Summer Home, 2010

If you were a reader last year, you may recall that there aren't really any pictures of where we stayed.  There are two reasons for that.  One, Tillie was 4 weeks old when we moved it.  I was busy taking pictures of Tillie, feeding her, or sleeping.  Two, it was pretty gross.

This year, in comparison, is like a 5 star hotel.

Welcome to our summer home.

Our living room is finely furnished in a matching wood sofa and armchair set.  The Ikea road rug really pops the colors in the lovely fowl artwork.  Tillie picked out this kitchen set from an exclusive, one of a kind unique item shop - Craigslist.

Our bathroom is actually larger than our bathroom at home.  Last year our bathroom was smaller.  That's actually quite a feat.

This year, we even have a kitchen area!  We don't eat meals in our apartment because we eat in the dining with the campers, the sink will be nice for washing bottles/sippy cups.  It also features the wall of hooks.  I love hanging random things and at Camp we have a lot of random things.

I even have a desk at camp.  There's no internet there yet, but they're going to work on it today.  I'm currently sitting in Central Area near the dinning hall, but I'd rather be a little closer to napping Tillie.

The "office", "dinning room" and living room are all one room.  The dining room came with a sweet hanging snake.  It's still there because I haven't found a scissors yet.

Tillie has her own room.  It's pretty empty because her pack n play doesn't take up much room.  We'll move an extra love seat(not pictured) in her shortly.  Kizie picked this rag rug out especially for Tillie.  I bought the table at a garage sale and painted it (badly) with paint called Rhubarb.

And lastly, our bedroom.  Yes, I'm that girl who brings a (wrinkly) bedskirt to camp.  (It was super-clearance at Macy's and matched our sheets!

So, that's where will be living for the next 4 weeks!


Anonymous said...

Hey, so guess what... I missed the Ikea trip order because I was a whole day off all week :)

Glad you got your rug and are all moved in. We'll see you sooner than later!

Cohrs Compilations said...

I LOVE that camp! it's really fun to see the pics of where you stay, because when you are a camper, you wonder where everyone stays and what it looks like and where those counselors go off to at night!

Libbie said...

Your cabin looks charming.....I especially like the
twisty snake above the dining table : )
Have a wonderful time!