Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dress Shopping.

After a busy opening day, I finally got around to checking messages board I frequent. I happened across a link that was for 30% off summer styles at Boden with free shipping. I don't have a dress for Tom and Emily's wedding yet, so I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to make my first Boden purchase!

Yeah, not so much. Our internet when down and by the time they realized they couldn't fix it last night it was too late for me to go out somewhere to use a coffee shop's internet. (Plus, I have no idea where I could have gone around here. Panera is at least 15 minutes away.)

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I started looking at Boden as soon as the internet was fixed. Hmm, I could barely afford it with the 30% off. Full price was out of the question. (But, oh, the Amalfi dress is gorgeous! I'm pretty sure it would have been on it's way to me.)

I still need a dress, and I think I picked one out from eShakti.  It's still a little more than I really want to spend, especially since I have to pay for shipping. But, I'll probably order it anyway because I like it better than anything else I've seen. I just can't decide which color. Black seems safest, but the Canary Yellow is calling to me.

I've wanted to order from this website for a while.  For a small fee($15) you can include your measurements in the order and the dress will be custom made to fit you.  You can also change length, neckline, sleeve-length, etc.  I know a few people online who have ordered and are very pleased with their purchase.

Dear Friends, which color do you think I should order?

Now I need to step away from the website.  There are a few other dresses I want too...
Printed Poplin                       Watercolor Floral