Sunday, May 2, 2010


One of my favorite things about spring is the scent of lilacs in my backyard.  It's pure delight.   Many pictures were taken every year in front of lilacs.  Oh, you don't believe me?  Well, I don't want to disappoint.

Here I am on my way to prom, circa 1999, in front of my mom's white lilac.
Yes, the navy hose was a mistake.  I agree. 
The pink tulle, however, is full of win.

When Tillie was born my mom brought lilacs to the hospital for me.  And when we got home Tim brought some more in from our yard.  I want Tillie to love lilacs and appreciate flowers as much as I do.  I threw her in the EveryWear that líllébaby sent me and we went on a lilac walk of our yard.

We really only have one lilac bush, but our neighbors have a white and dark purple that spill over the fence.  Lucky for us some have sprouted in our yard so I can cut some stems without having to ask!  A perfect bouquet for our kitchen table.

Tillie really wanted to hold my flowers, but I didn't want to waste a stem that I knew she would pull apart.  So, Tim gave her her own "flower".

Yeah, I think we all know where this was heading...


Toby and Laura said...

I heart lilacs. We transplanted 3 lilac bushes last year and I'm anxiously waiting to see how they will bloom this year. I'm crossing my fingers!

Jess said...

Oh man, I love Lilacs. Hopefully there will be some left on Macinaw Island in June! Or just at home in general... there are at least 30 lilac bushes at my parents' house :)
Unfortunately, they DO NOT grow down here.