Monday, May 17, 2010

A Day in the Life of this One Year Old

7:00-7:30a - Wake up, get dressed and snuggle while drinking a 7oz bottle of milk.
8:00a - Play
9:00a - Breakfast, one jar of baby cereal mix and a few yogurt melts
10:15a - Nap
11:30-11:55a - Wake up (I get her up if she's still sleeping.)
12:00p - Play
12:30p - Lunch, usually yogurt.  (This used to be earlier, but I'm moving it back because that's when lunch is at Camp.)
12:45p - Run errands/take a walk/play outside/make a mess of the living room
1:45p - 4-5oz milk
2:15-2:30p - Nap
3:30-3:55p - Wake up (I get her up if she's still sleeping.)
4:00p - Play, usually in the kitchen while I start dinner.
5:00p - Dinner, fruit and some of whatever we're having.
6:00p - Sometimes a bath, play/swing outside/walk
7:00p - Pajamas on and snuggle with 3-4oz of milk
7:15p - Bed

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Hope said...

Adorable shot.