Monday, May 31, 2010

Bla Bla

No, I'm not talking about the Ke$ha song.  Tillie prefers Tik Tok or Your Love is My Drug. 

BlaBla Kids sells adorably soft stuffed toys, among other things.  I first bought Tillie Inoo-Lala at the Land of Nod outlet.  We just call him Lala.

Tillie's latest acquisition is Coco.  I stalk Blabla on facebook and twitter for sales and found her at a fair price.  I can't help but share this photo again, even though you can scroll down to see it.  I just adore it; look at that smile!

The items are hand-knit in Peru and are truly the softest stuffed toys I've felt.

The best part is I found a giveaway for Josephine!  Go enter, here.


Christie C. said...

I love blabla dolls! I'll have to find them on Facebook, I've been wanting to get one for Harper :)

Oh and I meant to ask when I saw your last post, but where did you get that ADORABLE dress/top for Tillie? I LOVE it (I'm a huge sucker for polka dots).

Jen said...

Thanks for the reminder to check out Blabla online- it's been awhile since I've done so. I just bought the MOST ADORABLE sweater for Kaden on sale for only $30. AND, I found a free shipping code online. "freeship" is the code in case you're interested!!! :)

Jen Rysdam