Monday, April 19, 2010

What We're Eating

I mentioned recently that I was slowly moving away from formula.  Well, I kind of misjudged how much formula I had left so it was a little less gradual than planed.  I really didn't want to buy another can.  So, now at 11.5 months, we're basically on whole milk.  She's a very good eater of solid foods, so this will work out just peach for us.  She took a few sips of milk out of a Take N Toss sippy cup yesterday, so we're getting somewhere on that front.  I don't see the total switch to sippy cups anywhere in out future.

Now onto food.  Breakfast is still always jarred baby food.  She likes it and it's quick and easy.  Lunch often times is yogurt.  I buy YoBaby because it's made with whole milk.  I can't seem to find any other brand that is made with whole milk.  Any suggestions?  Dinner can be a wide variety from jarred beans to pizza.

Foods she does not like:
Eggs, jarred meats, Gerber Pasta PickUps and one other thing I can't remember right now.

Foods she loves:
Yogurt melts, cheese, pancakes, broccoli, pizza, diced pears and chicken noodle soup.

What does your kid like to eat right now?

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tlmoes said...

just a hint for you, Cadence didn't want to move off of the bottle, but we tried the "sip and smile" cups. The sippy part is super soft and flexible. It was a much easier transition for us (partly because she had very few teeth at that point!)