Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My favorite Dutch girls.

What?  They both have Dutch last names.  Anyway, I went with these two girls to Veldheer's.  Kizie needed her first pair of wooden shoes and Tillie needed a Dutch hat to match her dress.  We had a lot of fun trying on shoes. 
Some were too big.

Some were just right.

There were a lot to choose from.

Kizie happily took a pair home - woodburned just for her.

Oh, you're still here looking for pictures of Tillie in her Dutch hat?  You'll have to wait for the great Tulip Time reveal.  Here she is with some tulips though.

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Hope said...

Love it--the woodburned name and the itty bitty windmill-painted ones. I just went to Veldheer's website to see where they are, and read this: "Wooden shoes are a very practical footwear for gardening, getting the mail, and general use." Yes.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Tillie in the giant wooden shoes! Too cute!