Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Am EveryWear Challenge.

A few weeks ago I saw a blog post about the I Am EveryWear Challenge.  As a precursor to the event, Scandinavian Child was giving out 50 líllébaby EveryWear carriers.  Interested parents were to send in an e-mail stating why they would like to be one of the 50 to receive an EveryWear.  I'm a fan of babywearing but didn't have a carrier that worked for Tillie right now, so I though, why not?

Wouldn't you know it, but I was one of the 50 picked!  It arrived yesterday while Tillie was napping.  So, I tried it on with a stuffed animal.  What?  I was excited.  Seemed pretty comfy and wasn't too tricky to figure out.
I tried it out when Tillie woke up from her nap and she seemed to really enjoy it.  Tomorrow we're going garage sale-ing in Zeeland, so I'll give another report after that.


Cara & Jeff said...

Well now I know who to ask when I need to figure out how to win something or find the cool stuff online! Congrats!

Amber Lynn said...

The key is enter EVERYTHING. I probably enter 2-5 contests a day.