Friday, April 9, 2010

Chicago - shopping, museums, friends.

I was unprepared for how much Tillie would love Chicago.  Well, unprepared isn't quite the right word.  It was pretty painless.  At home, if she misses her nap time by 15 minutes she starts to meltdown.  If my Target trip takes a little longer than normal, she's not a happy camper in the cart.  On Easter her lunch was an hour later because of drive times -- she screamed until she got to eat.

In Chicago?  Naps, bed times and meal times we delayed by hours.  We tried to get her to fall asleep as we were walking around and she would pull herself up in the stroller so she could look around.  There weren't any major screams in the car.  And, we drove a lot.  A lot.

One nap was cut short because we arrived at the KidWorks Children's Museum.  She immediately wanted to be put down so she could start playing.

She let me paint her face.  (Okay, this one was kind of a struggle.)

She was content to ride around in the stroller at Oakbrook and even tolerated my annoying photo shoots.

At Robin and Jason's, Colin was adorably cute and showing off for us all.  Tillie quietly sat and played until a couple hours past her bedtime.  I think it helped that they have a dog to lick her and for her to chase around.

Ikea was only fun for her if we were holding her.  I really can't blame her.  It was an hour past naptime and we hadn't been home in three days.  She was happy sitting in the "big cart" when we were waiting for Tim to bring the car around.

She seems pretty happy to go back in her carseat.  She was ready for a nap on the long ride home.
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~K~ said...

What a fabulous weekend!! Sounds like you are definitely going to have many fabulous mother daughter weekends in Chicago in your future!

Laura Ingalls wannabe said...

What a sweetie! I love those content, sleepy eyes when they're finally snuggled up where they want to be.

Where did you get the gorgeous pacifier clip?

And, hey, email me about the bibs when you get the chance I'd love to make some for you! Just let me know what sort of fabric you'd like.