Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthdays & Celebrations

Tillie's birthday party is in three weeks.  I know, right.  It is a little before her birthday because of the Tulip Time parade and a wedding shower we have the weekend of her birthday.  I mailed the invitations out yesterday.  It will be a small party, family and a few friends.  I hope we have good weather because my house is pretty small.  The garage works nicely for tables for eating.  (At least I thought it did last summer when we had Tim and Rich's graduation party.)

I don't really go over the top with birthday themes, but her invitations do match the thank you cards.  (That's actually sad.  The Papyrus in Woodland is closing.  Everything was 50% off, so I thought, "Why not?")  They have cupcakes on them.  Her outfit (that I made -- sooooo cute!) is floral.  The party will be on May Day.

Why don't people celebrate May Day anymore?  Okay, I know it's kind of a random "holiday", but maypoles?  So cute!  The best part is leaving baskets of flowers on your neighbor's doorsteps.  I'll probably do it with Tillie when she's older.  Kizie still does it.  (Not surprisingly, that girl adores holidays more than me.  Seriously.)  Someday I might be as cool as my sister.

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