Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spur of the moment.

This morning when I got up, I great plans to fold laundry and wash diapers.  During Tillie's morning nap, the blue skies called to me.  I had already folded one basket of laundry and her diapers were outside(!) drying.

Why not take a trip to the zoo this afternoon for our walk?

Honestly, it didn't got as swimmingly as I had thought it would.  Many animals were still not out for the season.  (That does explain my $3.50 ticket though!)  And, the (few) other people who were there weren't very polite.  One little boy stood in front of Tillie's stroller at the lion's exhibit.  His mom didn't say anything.  I had Tillie sitting on the ground looking at the penguins and another child stepped over her instead of going around.  I know kids do things like that, but don't most parents tell them not to or apologize once they have?

Tillie did think the turkey was really funny and she liked looking at the fish.

Her favorite part of the whole trip was the John Ball statue.  I can't blame her.  I always liked it a lot too.

She seemed really impressed with his shoes.

In the end, she left the zoo happy.  But, it was the statue, not the animals she loved.  Maybe we should stick with the Gardens until she asks for the zoo?  (Although, we're taking her to the zoo in Chicago during Spring Break.)

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Diana said...

How adorable your DD is! What a great outing. Your blog is so cute. :)