Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!"

In spite of the time change, I set my alarm early this morning so I could go to Target before church.  I arrived at 8am on the dot so I could be the first in line to have my choice of the Liberty of London line.

I first learned about Liberty prints while working at J. Crew.  Every so often we would get a gorgeous print shirt, skirt or dress that was priced a little higher than the other item of the same style.  It's hard to tell them it's because of the pattern when they can't see the difference.  I loved buying Liberty print items.  My favorite would have to be a string bikini I have.  Oh, is it tiny and gorgeous.  I wish I had a picture of myself wearing it. (Not gonna happen now.)

When I saw this bag at Target, I new I had to have it.
It's the same pattern as my bikini, but in brighter colors.  I also have a skirt from J. Crew in the same pattern, but it's too small for me too.  (It has been for some time.  It's packed in the attic to save.  I'm bound to have a granddaughter someday who will recognize it as a Liberty print and will love it, right?)

I first noticed a dress in this pattern on the Liberty of London for Target's commercial.  There was a woman wearing a smocked dress with skinny straps.  I saw it was pretty sure it would be my Easter dress this year.  Sadly, I didn't find it in the woman's section.  I took a different dress home with me instead.

When I got home (with the two dresses for Tillie too) I realized I forgot to look for the watering can!  During Tillie's nap, I went to Target again.  This time I found the watering can, and the dress I was looking for.

It was in the girls' department.  I eyed the extra-large.  Maybe?  I tried it on.  Hmm, this seems to work.  I couldn't decide if it wanted it in the sunflower pattern or the other it came in.  I took them both home.  This brings us to the fashion show.  I should have taken pictures, but I just didn't think of it.

Tim liked the girls dress on me.  The best part?  It's half the price and 100% cotton.  The women's dresses are 100% polyester.  I kind of have a thing against synthetic fibers.

It was a wonderful shopping day for me, and now I think I'm done for the month.  I haven't had a shopping spree like that in a long time.

Did you find anything you couldn't live without?

p.s.  My J. Crew training instructs me to tell you that J. Crew's patterns in their colors are exclusively theirs.  Also, the Target line uses screen printing, while the J. Crew fabric is the real deal.  Hence the price tag.

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