Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Outfit.

I've really enjoyed putting Tillie's Easter outfit together.  The dress is bright green gingham and was a gift from my Aunt Jan.  Her cardigan was purchased on a super-clearance sale a babyGap last summer.  All I needed was shoes, sock and the ever important Easter bonnet.  I'd like to bring back the tradition of hats on Easter.  At least for kids.

Her shoes I found for $9 at Target.  The hat?  $1 from the opening section of Target.  I just have to get a new ribbon for it.  The only thing eluding me was the socks.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  And, I new exactly were to get them.

The problem is, Rogers doesn't exist anymore. 
On Thursday, Tillie and I did a lap in the mall, looking for the socks.  I didn't find exactly what I was looking for.  But, I did find a pair that will do from Macy's.

Here's a little Easter preview for you, minus the hat and dress.  Plus, you get to see Kizie's two baby chicks!


Miranda said...

Awww... She is so cute.

Hope said...

I agree...bring back the Easter hats!

Christie C. said...

So I just had to tell you that while I was out trying to find shoes for Harper's Easter outfit, I remembered that you had bought Tillie a hat and decided to get one for Harper too. Usually I just stick a bow or headband on her, but the Easter hats are just TOO cute. Thanks for the idea :) Can't wait to see Tillie all dressed up in her outfit!