Thursday, February 25, 2010

Camp Clothes

Most of you know that Tillie is my first/only child.  This is great for my shopping habit -- she needs everything!  It's not so great for Camp in the summer.  She'll be crawling, maybe walking in the dirt for about a month this summer.  I plan on hitting some garage sales later this Spring to find some good play clothes.

I did get a little head start.  I found this skirt at Target for around $1.  She definitely needed a new acorn shirt, so I decided to go girly this year!
Oh, a non-white shirt would have been better you say?  I agree, but this was cheaper.  (As, I already had it in her closet.)

While we were at the thrift store looking for items for a costume party we're going to, I found this cute little red skirt.  At only 99 cents, I thought it would be great for camp.  I found this (again white!) t-shirt in my stash of things to sew on.

Badly sewn star it is!


KatieKate said...

love them! You can't beat garage sales... it's all we wear around here, especially for SUmmer. When your kid's pant only cost $.50, you're more willing to just let them play :) Call me when you go shopping!

Eliza said...

Those are really cute!!! And, I am cracking up about your yard sign heralding my giveaway! LOL!!! I was joking, but you shall absolutely get 15 extra entries for going that extra mile!!!
And I saw from your profile that you do merchandising for J Crew. Ugh, I looove that store!
Thanks so much! I'm following you now! :)