Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I love ordering online.  There's a thrill whenever I see that lovely brown truck drive up my street.  I'm always insanely jealous when I see it stopping at another house on the street.  (Even if they are getting something boring like car parts.)

UPS is my shipping method of choice.  They are quick!  I ordered a package from J. Crew on Monday.  It arrived on my doorstep at 1pm today.  (Part of that has to do with J. Crew.  They ship quickly.)

USPS is pretty good lately.  It helps that my mail comes around 9:15 every morning. ships same day and I usually get my package within three days.

FedEx is how I shipped packages leaving J. Crew Woodland.  FedEx Ground is pretty quick too.  (Random side note: Our FedEx Ground guy at the store is named Brian.  I pretty much saw him every day I worked, checking to see if we had packages going out.  On Tuesday and Friday we received shipment.  Brian the FedEx guy is friends with my(okay, Tim's) cousin Emily's fiancee.  BRIAN THE FEDEX GUY IS GOING TO BE IN HER WEDDING!  That's just so weird.  And, I keep forgetting to tell the other ladies at the Crew.  CrazySauce.)

FedEx SmartPost is crap.  Seriously.  This is the most useless shipping method ever.  Gap does this now.  As does Hanna Andersson.  I ordered a dress for Tillie on the 30th.  From what I can tell from the tracking number.  FedEx sends it as slowly as possible to the USPS.  The USPS takes over from there, but it still takes 1-2 days.  Seriously?  I paid $8 for this shipping.  I hope that you only paid $1 for shipping and pocketed the $7 because if you paid more than that you got taken, Hanna.

My package is at the Wyoming Post Office now.  I probably won't see it for a day or two yet.


Hope said...

I love ordering things online too, because it combines the joy of getting something new *AND* receiving mail. And there's the surprise element of never knowing for sure when you will get it.

Bekah said...

I am so with you about Gap shipping. I hate it now. I have the Gap silver card so I get free regular shipping. So I'd go to the mall, browse the items, and debate whether to buy them. Then come home, buy them online, get the free shipping, and see the packages soon. Now it takes forever and our poor mail carrier has to cram them into our mailbox, or bring them to the door. I'm sure he's annoyed too!
UPS is my fave too. I love hearing the truck stop, the guy run to our door, and the door slam as he leaves.
I've never bought JCrew online. (good to know it's fast shipping!) Now that I pay nothing for Gap shipping, it seems so expensive to pay for other shipping. I guess I'm kinda spoiled in that way.

Amber Lynn said...

I have a GapSilver Card too, so I know exactly what you're talking about. Gap used to be faster than J. Crew in their shipping. It was amazing.

I usually get free shipping from J. Crew. That, with the discount, helps a lot.