Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just like mom.

Tillie's done a lot of growing.

August 2009

January 2010

She's tall.  She has my legs.  Plus, today when I was making cheese muffins I gave her a little taste of medium cheddar.  Oh my word.  Did that girl cry when I stopped giving her some.  Hopefully she doesn't inherit my lactose intolerance.  (Although, it's likely.  My mom and grandma have(had) it too.)

Mmm.  Cheese.


She has gotten tall.

And yes, I am obsessed with repeating pictures lately.


Christie C. said...

Wow! Way to grow, Tillie! How tall is she now?

Toby and Laura said...

She IS tall! Holy cow!

Amber Lynn said...

Christie, I'm bad at measuring her. We have her 9month check up in two weeks though!

Amy Melissa said...

she looks taller in the picture with tim, maybe because he has shorter legs than you?!

Amber Lynn said...

Bwahahaha. Both pictures are me. I'm wearing the world's most comfortable and unflattering sweater.

But, Tim does wear a 32" inseam and mine is 34".