Monday, December 14, 2009


Many of you know that my mom had surgery for her trigeminal neuralgia last Friday.  Originally they were going to do the same thing as they did last time, but more of it. (Cutting the nerve and blood vessel that are touching and causing the pain, well, as much as I understood it.)

Instead of that, they are using Motor Cortex Stimulation.  Basically, they put a pacemaker in her brain that will somehow send messages to the nerve to stop the pain. (Again, as much as I understand it.)  She had the first surgery on Friday and was going to have the second one today.  It's been pushed to tomorrow because something wasn't responding right.

Please pray that this surgery helps her and gives her relief from the pain.  Please pray that there aren't any complications from the surgery.  Please pray for Kizie, as she really misses Mom.  The Kiz's birthday is on Friday and she's worried that Mom won't be home by then.  Right now, the plan is that Mom will come home on Wednesday, but who knows how things will change.

For now, the Kiz is staying with me.  It's nice that I'm not working so it's not a problem of taking time off to stay with her.  And, the Tillster likes playing with Kizie.  They wear matching clothes and are cute.

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Toby and Laura said...

Such a cute picture. I'm thinking of your mom!