Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peanut Butter Goodness.

Yesterday I decided that we needed peanut butter blossoms.  I had already creamed the crisco and sugars(brown and white!) and beat in the peanut butter when I realized we were out of eggs.

Not. Good.  I wrapped the bowl up and put it in the fridge.

I asked Tim to pick up eggs on the way home from school today.

Mmm.  They were worth the wait.

It's okay to be jealous of my orange countertops.  Erm,,, yeah.

This recipe yields 4 dozen cookies.  Am I the only one who never gets as many cookies out of the recipe as it states?  Today I made 27 cookies.  Are my cookies abnormal size? 27 is not 48.

Not that I need 48 cookies lying around my house looking all scrumptious.


Hope said...

I've always wondered what those were called. I always have to describe them every time--the peanut butter cookies with kisses on top...

Nope, pretty sure I've never gotten the amount the recipe claims to yield. Even when I make an effort to make only "rounded teaspoonfuls" of dough.

Toby and Laura said...

Those are my favorite cookies of all time, and yours look especially delicious!