Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Suzy Q.

I had great plans today.  Plans to go out for lunch because I felt sorry for myself.  Tillie was not a happy sleeper last night. 
Normal bedtime = 7:30p

Last night's bedtime = 1:20a.

Around ten I was called to see if I could watch my cousin's daughter Cadence.  I said yes because going out for lunch was not a good reason to say no.   After I said yes, I glanced around my disaster of a house.  Hmm... Cadence is 2, she can walk and grab anything she sees.  My house was so not prepared for that.

I did a whirlwind cleaning of my house.  It really needed it.  Tillie's morning nap was 2 hours long.  She really needed it.  My house smelled weird because of a bacon microwave burning incident, so I decided to whip up some brownies to make the house smell better.  Tillie watched my vacuuming while chewing on her new maple teether.

My house is clean, Cadence is sweet to Tillie and I feel much better.  It's amazing what a clean house and some brownies can do.

(I  might see about eating dinner out.  I still think I deserve it. ;) )

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Sandi said...

I totally agree with the clean house and brownies comment. That ALWAYS makes me feel better.

Hmm, I already did the 'clean' part today. Maybe I should go whip up a batch of brownies...

By the way, your daughter is absolutely adorable.