Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have a new phone.

I've had my old one for nearly 2 years.  I really liked it.

It really had seen better days though.

It drove Kizie crazy that I still used it even though the metal part by the screen was sticking up.  "Doesn't it hurt your ear to talk?" (I think that happened in June.) Also, the 3, 6, 9, and # keys didn't light up anymore. (I think that happened in September.)  It was a sign of worse things to come.  My new phone is pretty and brown.  It's the Nokia 3711.

There is one feature I will really miss on my old phone.  There was a button on the top that you pushed and the phone will pop open.  I have to relearn how to open my new phone.  Right now, it takes two hands. 

Yes.  I am lame.

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Hope said...

I had my old (and first) phone for almost 5 whole years until September this year, and nothing was broken on it. Except suddenly, everyone kept saying, "I can't hear you!" so the microphone must have breathed it's last breath. Something tells me that's the longest living phone I'll ever have. And the only one without a camera.