Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friends and Family

faA few years ago Gap Inc. rebranded their Friends and Family sale to "Give & Get".  Unfortunately, the name didn't catch on.  Everyone I know still calls it Friends and Family.

My point?  Friends and Family Give & Get starts today!  Go here to print your 30% coupon for Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime and Athleta.) 
My mom is coming over in a few minutes and we're heading over to Rivertown.  I couldn't help but do some pre-shopping online this morning.  I have a GapSilver card, so I get free shipping and I can return to the store.  I always over buy, then decide what I want to keep.  My favorite item that's on its way?
This Old Navy Reindeer Romper.  I have a thing for reindeer sweaters.  They make me think of Seth Cohen.

What I really want for Tillie is a sweater romper from Gap's Christmas 2008 line. (Boy, Girl)  I debated about buying, but we didn't know if Tillie(LuLu then) was a boy or a girl.  I almost bought the girl one, but Tim and I decided that Gap always has cute sweater rompers at Christmas.  This year?  They're all gorgeous neutral colors.  I like my Christmas with a side of crazy, thank you very much!

So, if anyone has the Gap 2008 Christmas romper in a 6-12, hit me up.  I'll buy it, but not for the ridiculous $25 it's listed for on eBay.

(Oh, and I checked Gap Outlet.  They don't have a version either.)


Miranda said...

THANKS! I needed to buy some clothes for Christmas and the girls love Old Navy.

Ms. A said...

thank you thank you thank you!! I got this coat:

for $30!!!