Friday, October 16, 2009

The extreme laziness astounds me.

It drives me crazy when people don't put shopping cars in cart corrals. I always put them back, and usually end up putting one or two extra ones away.

Since Tillie's been born, I try to park next to corrals so that I have easy access to putting the cart away. I happily saw a spot next to a cart corral open.
No dice.
Seriously people!? There's a cart corral TWO STEPS away. You really can't get any lazier than that.

On a lighter note, I found this conversation on my old blog this morning. Kizie was 4.5 at the time.

*Dad turns car around back home after two minutes in the car.*
Kizie - "Where are we going?"
Dad - "Home, no one wanted to go to the beach, did they?"
Kizie - "I do! I do!"
Dad - "Okay, I'll turn around at home. I'll just run in the house to turn off the sprinklers while we're there."
Kizie - "Dad. You forgot."
Amber - "Oh snap!"
Kizie - "Oh snap Dad."

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