Friday, July 3, 2009


I know. I mocked cousins who saw the movie multiple times. I didn't understand why Linds was reading all the books. I don't even thing that Robert Pattenson is attractive.

But, then I was two weeks away from my due date and Tim offered to go rent a movie to pass the time. Twilight was the only movie I could think of.

We made fun the acting and was we could tell was excerpts taken right out of the book. Then, the second half of the movie came and I was kind of hooked. Tim still was surfing the internet while we were watching, but I gave it my undivided attention.

The next day I was at Target looking for a book to pack in my hospital bag. Hmm. Twilight. I wondered how different the book was from the movie. I bought it, packed it in my bag and didn't read any of it.

Then came two weeks after Tillie was born and I didn't have anything to read while Tim watched Tillie and I took a bath. Well, there was Twilight.

I was hooked. It was lame, it was cheesy, but I couldn't stop reading. A couple weeks later I finished it. (If there is one thing I've sacrificed most while being a mom it's reading. Non-mom Amber would have read that book in two days.) I needed a book for Camp so I bought New Moon.

Now, if you haven't read the books and are planning to see the movie, you're going to want to stop reading because I'm revealing some minor(?) spoilers.

No really, I'm going to give some of it away!

Um, no one told me that it was a Vampire and Werewolf book!?! All of a sudden the books got really cheesy. I mean, seriously? Werewolves? I considered giving the books up, but I still didn't have anything else to read. So, I kept reading and then the Vampires came back and it got better again. But it's still lame. I'll read them all, but c'mon. It's just too much.

My next book (the third Twilight book is only available in hardcover and I refuse to pay for that) is going to be a lot better. It was a gift from Hope and I was eager to finish New Moon so that I could read it.

Operating Instructions

Now if I get the chance to read at Camp in front of others I won't have to justify what I'm reading.

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Amy Melissa said...

I am borrowing Twilight from a friend right now. KC finished it, I haven't started yet (still working on Picture Perfect). I started the Paris book you lent me and just couldn't get into it. Maybe I should have given it a few more chapters...

Reading is definitely trickier for me with Ki - it makes me fall asleep (it did before and even more now).