Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Swaddle Wraps + White Noise Machine = Amazing

So, the little Pumpkin Pie and I went to visit the Crew this morning. She was a crying whiney baby the whole way to the mall. Also through most of the mall. The problem was she was tired but couldn't fall asleep. So I put her in the sling and sneakily nursed her under a blanket.

Success! Sleep after a little snack.

Then I stopped walking to talk to people or try things on.


Lame, Baby. Lame.

She was okay on the way home and almost fell asleep. I fed her again at home and she fell asleep. But, as soon as I stood up to put her down for a nap she woke up. I decided to just go for it and put her down anyway because I had lunch to eat yet.
(Mmm, Panera.) She was in her swaddle in a dark room with the noise machine going. She was good for about 2 minutes and then she started crying. I looked at her and stuck a nuk in her mouth hoping it would buy me 2 more minutes.

A minute later she was still looking around. But, then I realized I didn't hear anything anymore. Yes, she's been sleeping for 20 minutes now and my lunch is finished. I even have time to blog with words! So, if you're having a baby Swaddle Wraps = Awesome. White Noise Machine = Necessity.

Panera has the perfect summer tossed salad. Strawberry Poppyseed.
Try it.
Love it.

My BabyGirl does smile, but we haven't caught it on camera. She smiles at me and Tim, no one else. Well, she nearly smiled at Rachel yesterday. We have time off of Camp this weekend so I'll make Tim help me capture it on film.

She's a big fan of pacifiers too.



Amy Melissa said...

Ki still uses his Swaddle Me but he's getting too long for it! Time for the next size up. I haven't heard of the sound spa thing before.

Have you ever had the strawberry salad with riviera dressing at Arnie's? It's equally as good as Paneras!

white noise machine said...

I bought one online and the sound was too harsh for me. Then I bought a fan and turned it on low and it was just right! That plus #30 foam ear plugs.