Monday, July 6, 2009


We had a fantastic 4th of July. Tillie was pretty good all day, it was awesome. We spent the morning in Dorr at what Andrea calls, "The Parade of Tractors". This is why Tim likes to go, but he wishes there were Fords too.

Then it was lunch at my mom's. She had read my facebook status and thought I was making macaroni salad, so she didn't make any. I was making a different pasta salad to take to Lucas and Faith's cottage at night. So, while she was making the hamburgers and hot dogs, I quickly made a macaroni salad for lunch. Hog dogs and macaroni salad are requirements for me on the 4th.

Then we drove out to Howard City to hang out at the cottage. Food and fun was had by all. It was lovely.

Since Tillie was so good all day, we decided she must love holidays like her mom and Auntie Kiz do.




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