Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hooray for carseats!

Since Tillie is sleeping somewhere other than my lap, I might as well actually make a post with words!

She's actually a good easy baby, but what 2 week old wouldn't rather be in mom's arms than a cradle, crib, bouncy seat or swing?

A few people have asked how we picked her name. We had two girl first name/middle name combinations going into delivery. We actually didn't name her til about 5 minutes or so after she was born. I decided that other name we had seemed like a dark haired girl, so Matilda Jean it was!

I've always liked the name Matilda. Tim liked it too, and it was easy to win him over when I reminded him it was in a camp song. (Waltzing Matilda) Jean was my Grandma DeYoung's middle name and I've always planned on naming my first daughter after her. (My computer baby's name in high school was Kyle Jean Lindsay Heidi Jane!) As it ended up, I married Tim whose mom's middle name is Jean. So, using Jean was an easy choice.

Tillie is the nickname that Tim and I liked the best. If she changes her mind and wants to go by Tilda, Mattie, Matilda, Jean, or whatever, she'll get to make that choice on her own later. My name doesn't really have any nicknames and I always wished it did so I wanted my kids to have nickname options.

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Amanda said...

I always wanted a special nick name as a kid too, so now my girls have about 3 different ones that we use. I think Tillie is a cute nickname :)