Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why cry when you can laugh?

Tonight I decided I needed to find some festive skewers that I knew were packed in a Christmas box in the attic. When I was lifting my leg to climb the steps I realized how nearly impossible it was because my ankles are so swollen they hardly bend. I just found it so funny, and it felt so weird to climb the stairs with out bending my ankle. I never thought about how it moves so that I can easily move up the steps.

Then, of course, the Christmas boxes are in the back corner with little to no access point. The only way I could reach them? Climb on the fall and summer rubbermaid buckets to get to them, stay on the boxes and try to look in the Christmas boxes. While I did manage to dig around in the right boxes, I couldn't find them.

So, I went to World Market and bought some different a lot less cute skewers. And, since I was there I bought a plate too. It was on clearance!

Yes, I chose to laugh that my ankles currently have rolls and are the size of Montana.

1 comment:

Toby and Laura said...

At least they aren't as big as Texas. That's bigger than Montana.