Saturday, April 25, 2009

A lot of pictures today.

My friends threw me an awesome shower today. I don't have many pictures, because my mom took most of them on her camera. But, here I am with the Kiz. (And, I'm not wearing maternity clothes!!)


Bonus picture of Auntie Kiz with cheesecake -- it was delish.
The flowers were stolen from the centerpieces Dillon made.

Tim did a lot of work on school AND things for LuLu while I was gone.
The cradle is fixed! (And, Cara gave me the sheets for it today at the shower which was perfect timing! (Yes, I know I should wash them first, but I had to take a picture!))

The clock is hung!

But, the rest of my house is a mess...I have a lot of laundry to do this weekend!

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Cohrs Compilations said...

the cradle is so cute! I want one! and the clock fits in your room-it's coming together perfectly! Hope everything goes well with birth-you are looking great!