Thursday, April 23, 2009


I made a list of things this morning that I'd like to have done before LuLu comes. I already checked clean freezers off the list! There was a lot of really old mystery leftovers in the back/bottom of my freezers... eek! Now, they're wiped down and ready for the freezer meals I plan to make next week!

The only "essential" item on the list is to fix the cradle. I think Tim and I(Okay, Tim...) should be able to get that done this weekend. The cradle that we have is the one my Uncle Zeke(not actually related, one of my dad's best friends) made for my mom when I was born. I can't wait to take pictures of LuLu in it! I'll try to scan in a picture of me in it if I can find one. I think they're all at my mom's house.

May 2 is my last day at work. 7 more shifts. That seems surreal.

24 days. (I really hope it's not more than that!)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you!!!