Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last week when I was patiently waiting the three hours at Spectrum South during my Glucose test, I had nothing to do.

But, Tim did bring me a laptop. Hmm... wifi? Let's do some online window shopping.

I became obsessed with finding a blanket on Etsy for LuLu. I actually did pick out two each, but I'll probably wait til LuLu is here, because they're very "boy" or "girl".

But, look how cute!

Orange Rockets!

Pink Owls!

Brown Cowboys!

Pink Paper Dolls!

Note: Many of you have asked the results of the three hour glucose test. I haven't heard anything, so I can only surmise that I passed. If I hadn't, they would have made me meet with a dietitian by now. I have an appointment on Monday, so I'll know for sure then. The reason I think I failed the one hour test so miserably is that I was rather stressed that morning about some random cupcake issue. Stress causes extra sugars to be released into your blood stream. So, if you ever need to take a glucose screening test -- relax!


Toby and Laura said...

I can make you one of those!

Toby and Laura said...

Oh, and 3 hours is a long time. Maybe your baby is making you diabetic instead of lactose intolerant? Then again, I'm not a doctor or anything. Heck, I still think you're having twins.

Amy Melissa said...

That's so sad that you had to do it twice and the 2nd one was so long! Strange.

I definitely spent over an hour on Etsy this week looking at layette. There are 4-5 things in my cart right now :)