Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've had an interesting week.

*Every member of the first family wore at least one J. Crew item on inauguration day. They were items made just for them. My sister called me, "Amber! President Obama's daughter's wore things from your store! She's so excited that she shops from crewcuts just like Malia and Sasha!

*The lady in line in front me at Meijer's stole a winter coat. We were in the U-Scan line and I noticed it was still in her cart. I almost pointed it out to her that she forgot, but then I just figured she wanted to ring it up in a separate transaction. Nope, by the time I realized what she did I noticed it balled up so you couldn't see the tag and she was walking away.

*I got a tracking number from Matilda Jane today. But, I haven't ordered anything more after the first order this year. I'm tres-excited and confused. Update to come -- it's scheduled for delivery on the 23rd.

*Meijer's had Arnie's cupcakes today! They also had strawberries on sale. I just can't get enough strawberries lately. I ate one pack already today.

*I'm getting together with the Lauras for dinner on Sunday night. We haven't hung out together in way to long. GRBC, here we come! Now, if only I could have some wine. Dillon and I used to have the best conversations at GRBC with a glass or two of chardonnay.

*My Benefit counter and are out of Some Kind of Gorgeous Original. Within two days, I will be completely out. I thought about ordering from Sephora, but the other item I need is out of stock there, so I wouldn't spend enough to get free shipping. And, I have a gift card to Macy's, so I'd really like to get it there. I hear Ulta has Benefit now, but I really don't want to drive out to Alpine. What's a girl to do...

*I love days off when I have the house to myself. I'd make a great stay at home wife. However, when it get's to be night, I don't like being home alone.

*Random customers talk about my pregnancy all the time now. People always tell with such forceful opinions what the gender of my child is. "It's a girl. You're carrying high." "You were hardly sick? It's a boy." I don't mind at all, I love the guesses. I just find it odd that they state it as fact instead of "I think it's a..."

*Winter, I only need about one more week and I'm done. Thanks! You gave us a wild ride this year! See you next November! No really, I'm done.

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