Friday, January 9, 2009

Gender Related Items

We started our registries at Babies R Us and Target this week. I left Babies R Us feeling quite dismayed about the selection they had. I understand bedding and clothing being distinctly boy or girl. (Although, throw me a bone and have some gender neutral bedding that's not in a set! I don't want the bumper or the quilt!) But pacifiers? Bottles? Bibs? Boppy Pillows? It seems kind of outrageous that I can only get these in sets of pink and purple butterflies or green and blue bugs. Oh, yes. There is also the princess or sports theme!

Those of us who don't find out the gender seem to be a dying breed. Everyone at our childbirth class knew what they were having. If more people decide to wait, maybe the stores would have to start stocking neutral items. Heck, even if we did know the gender, I plan on having the next baby or two use some of these items. I know that it really doesn't matter, and Baby Boy would be happy to use Baby Girl's pink bumbo seat. Baby spit-up doesn't care what color an item is...

It all almost made me wish we knew the gender. Okay, I kind of wish I did know. But, I am very excited for it to be a surprise. I spent the first few months thinking one gender, and now I'm thinking the other. I really have no clue.

I've heard that a poll of five year olds you know can be more accurate than adults. Kizie is older, but she's sure it's a girl. Lisa at the nail salon(Shut up, I don't go that often, but they shop in my store too.) says it's a boy. I kind of feel like a Vietnamese grandma might know what she's talking about.

I did get a sweet diaper bag at the Pottery Barn Outlet. When I called and told Tim that I bought one I told him it was pink and floral. He really sounded surprised like he believed me. I don't want to know what this says about the way I've been acting lately... It's this one, but in khaki. Tim says that's good because it will match all his pants.

That's my rant/musing of the week. Also, I've added a poll where you can guess the gender. Nope, I won't be able to see what you guess!

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Anna Marie said...

We didn't find out with our kids. It is rather maddening trying to find neutral stuff. I have ended up with more boyish things. But I say, why can't girls like animals, bold colors, or whatever? Why do they have to have only princess/fairy stuff? As far as a girl wearing more boyish things, just put a headband/bow on her. If you have a boy, then you're set. Good luck.