Thursday, December 18, 2008

Believe it or not, Kizie is 7.

I certainly can't believe it.

She celebrated in style -- and ultrasound and Yesterdog.


Everything looked great on the ultrasound. I'll try to scan some of these pictures in at my parents house next week. There are some super-cute little hand and feet shots. Our Ultrasound lady Mary loved us. She printed double pictures for Tim to take to school, a few for Kizie and a profile shot for the grandparents. She measured a foot for us. 2 cm. How cute is that?! She said if we ever get another ultrasound to request her. I totally would! I also heard a phrase I never thought I'd hear.
"Your cervix looks awesome."

How delightful!
LuLu currently weighs half a pound and is measuring exactly on. May 17 is still the due date.

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Stephanie said...

Last year, I got a cervical screening (I hate the phrase 'pap smear') and she told me, "Ooh! What a great little cervix!" Wow. Thanks. Weird. :-P