Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Room.

I know it's a little early. But, our crib was ordered today! I had my heart set on a white crib. It was what I always pictured having. I found some I liked the look of at Babies R Us, but they had janky construction. I found some I liked the look of at Land of Nod, but they were crazy expensive. Then, I found the white Jenny Lind crib at Land of Nod. It was within reason and white. Perfect!

My mom called me this weekend and asked me what I thought of the yellow Jenny Lind in Land of Nod's sale section. I told her no. I wanted white. I didn't care that it was $100 cheaper.

A day later, just to prove I was right, I looked it up. Wrong.

Adorable. Love at first sight. I have to have the yellow crib.

LuLu's Crib

Tim has always wanted to paint the walls green. My mom found this clock at the Land of Nod outlet for super-cheap.

LuLu's Clock

It's falling together easily. A slightly vintage vibe. Perfect.


Laura said...

We wouldn't expect anything less than a slightly vintage vibe!

Heather said...

i really like the yellow!

Heather said...

oh... and does Amy have a site where she sells her jewelry?

Becky - Stampin in the Tulip City said...

This is Lou's sister.

I love yellow stuff...I even painted my house yellow.

I see your Mom when she drops of your sister at school. How do you know the spricks? They are our cousins. crazy.

Amy Melissa said...

Where would be a good place to find a fun template background for my new site?!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's lovely :)