Monday, November 17, 2008

No carseat

Apparently Target had meant to post the carseat at $42.99 off, not $42.99. So my order has been canceled. It did seem too good to be true.

I know mistakes happen, but I didn't even get an e-mail about the cancellation. My order was just canceled when I went to check the status. Now that is poor customer service.

edited to add:
I did finally recieve and e-mail from Target about the cancellation at 6:45pm. I do feel however, they should have included a 10% off my next purchase coupon, or something. It wasn't a very sincere apology, in my opinion.

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Toby and Laura said...

I wondered! This morning I tried to find the deal on Target's website for a pregnant friend of mine, but I couldn't find that price! I wonder how many people tried to buy them for $43.